Empower Girls to Love Tools and Trades 

Help Tools & Tiaras expose 250 girls to the construction trades through hands-on workshops in 2018. Every $25-donation will cover the cost of tools and materials needed for each participant in our workshops, where we provide women and girls with hands on training in plumbing, carpentry, electrical and welding.

When you inspire a girl today, youʼre empowering the woman she will become.

about Tools & Tiaras

Tools & Tiaras Exposes, Inspires and Mentors girls about becoming future awesomely skilled Tradeswomen. Young girls and women can't visualize being a Carpenter, Plumber, Engineer or Electrician, if there isn't any representation of that possibility. Empowering a girl when she is young will ensure that she walks, talks, and exhales her own unique power as she blooms into a confident woman. Nothing does that like mastering and using Tools.

about Staten Island MakerSpace

Staten Island MakerSpace is a non-profit workshop that helps artists, craftspeople, engineers, inventors, and entrepreneurs make their ideas come to life by offering low cost access to industrial and digital fabrication equipment and tools. We also provide fabrication and prototyping services, and skill building classes for all ages.

about All Good Work

All Good Work is a nonprofit that provides donated office space in coworking spaces and business centers to nonprofits and social enterprises. We seek to lower the cost of innovation in the social sector and strengthen engagement with the most critical issues facing our communities today.


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